Health and Fitness

Mind and Body

brydgesmphilhypnotherapy and Fit4less energie

have combined For 2017 in order to offer a first in:

 Healthy Mind and a fit body programme.

Keeping fit and healthy is paramount to leading a fulfilling life.

When you become inactive you get withdrawn unsociable tending to adopt unhealthy habits i.e. smoking over eating or eating junk food. Thus the circle begins: an unhealthy diet results in mood changes and as time moves on a low mood becomes depression, a lack of socialisation, loosing contact with family friends and colleagues. You adopt the bad habits as you try to and compensate. Joining a gym is a way of getting fit and meeting people and as you become fitter you gain confidence your body looks the way you want it to and your whole life outlook improves.

Mind and Body

This programme has been especially developed for people who want to change something in their lives but are uneasy about doing so.

Joining a gym loosing weight or simply getting fit are sometimes a big step.

Mind and Body is a five week package designed especially for people like you.

Using my Hypnoshape technique.

Session 1 is free

When you sign up for the following 4 sessions the third session includes an introduction to the gym with an offer to join at a discounted price.

There are only 10 places available on this course so booking early is advisable.