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The way we perceive and act as human beings is the result of what has been programmed into our brains as we have grown. 

The result of all this programming makes us what we are, as a person. 

A lot of what has been learned, is in the subconscious section of our brains, thus we are unaware consciously of its existence. This is like a computer program running in the background.   

However depending on what has happened to us and the way we have processed events depicts how we act as a person and although some people grow to be well adjusted individuals, others haven't and have issued with parts of their personality. Anger; communication problems; relationship problems; confidence; eating and other issues, are examples of how unsolved development traits can cause problems for some people. 

Whilst counselling and therapy can alleviate some of these issues it can take a very long time and the results may not last. 

Parts therapy, under hypnosis is a much quicker and permanent solution.

This is a specialised form of therapy that requires a high level of experience and knowledge.

I have used parts therapy for many years with a high rate of success. If you have tried other methods without success this may be for you.

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