Weight and size Controle

Weight and size is an issue for many people both men women and children.

There are a number of tracks I can explore in Hypnotherapy to help resolve the issue, it’s not always what you may think it is.

I have found Hypnotic Gastric Band to be a most effective weight loss treatment that is also safe and empowering to the client. However I only advise this as a last resort.

It is my opinion that this is a far better, cost effective and empowering than systems where you are given food prepared, or even sachets of meal replacements, because it gives you the power to eat less and eat healthier without having to think about relying on a company to feed you long term, and the cost can be thousands of pounds a year.


Gastric band surgery runs into many thousands of pounds invasive and painful. The hypnotic surgery is proving to be a popular option with clients who want to lose weight. In short, it’s the process of surgery without the knife! The NHS is currently looking closely into the success of this method of weight loss as a viable alternative to surgery.